EU Copyright Directive for the digital age

The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market is an important piece of European Union legislation designed to modernise copyright for the digital age, with the aim of helping to ensure a fairer deal for those working in the creative sector.

For creators, an important benefit is a principle of appropriate pay and the point that creators will be entitled to share financially in any unanticipated success of a project, even if they have assigned their copyright in the work.
It also contains transparency and contract adjustment mechanisms for creators and performers. This means that agreements with clients will have to be clear and understandable so that creators will understand what rights are being licensed to the client.

EU Copyright Directive since April 2019

The EU copyright directive was adopted by the European Council on 15th April 2019, completing its final stage of approval after two-and-a-half years of debate and negotiation. Although six member states voted against the new rules (Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden), and three abstained (Belgium, Estonia and Slovenia), the directive passed with the support of 19 countries — three more than the minimum required — representing more than 71% of the EU population.

The directive will be published in the Official Journal of the EU, and member states will have 24 months to implement the measures at national level.

The final Directive contains five different measures to strengthen the position of authors (creators) and performers:

A principle of appropriate and proportionate remuneration for authors and performers;

A transparency obligation to help authors and performers have access to more information about the exploitation of their works and performances;

A contract adjustment mechanism to allow authors and performers to obtain a fair share when the remuneration originally agreed becomes disproportionately low compared to the success of their work or performance;

A mechanism for the revocation of rights allowing creators to take back their rights when their works are not being exploited; and

A dispute resolution procedure for authors and performers.

“I am very glad that we have achieved a balanced text, creating multiple opportunities for Europe’s creative sectors, which will thrive and better reflect our cultural diversity and other European common values, but also for the users, whose freedom of expression on internet will be consolidated. This is a milestone for the development of a robust and well-functioning digital single market.” (Valer Daniel Breaz, Romanian Minister for Culture and National Identity)

A system to increase the responsibility of internet platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, for the creative content uploaded on their platforms.

The last of these proposals is designed to fix the so-called “value gap” — the yawning disparity between the profits earned by some user upload platforms that pay little or nothing for the use of works such as music and images, and the incomes earned by those who create the content in the first place.

More information here:

Thanks to the British Copyright Council

The World Illustration Awards 2019 exhibition, London

The World Illustration Awards 2019 Exhibition returns to Somerset House, London this summer.

The Association of Illustrators (The AOI), in partnership with the Directory of Illustration, announces the return of the popular World Illustration Awards exhibition to Somerset House this summer. Featuring all 200 entries shortlisted for this year’s awards, with in-depth presentations of winning projects, this inspiring exhibition showcases the very best emerging and established illustrations from around the world today.

An independent jury of 24 commissioners and industry insiders including Josephine Kelliher, Art Program Manager at Facebook EMEA, Simon Khalil, Editor at Arab News and Kirstie Johnstone, Creative Production Partner at AMV BBDO, judged over 3,600 submissions from 68 countries in eight categories to select the shortlist.

From book covers to newspapers, packaging to murals, illustration is the visual language of everyday life. This exhibition celebrates this most engaging of art forms in its broadest sense.

Showcasing a diverse range of styles, materials and topics, featuring an extraordinary range of illustration practice across vibrant industry sectors including Advertising, Children’s Books, Design and Editorial, the exhibition reveals the innovative ideas and techniques at the forefront of illustration today.

Highlighting cutting-edge work, such as a digital wallpaper that changes colour according to the position of the sun, alongside handmade pieces including an embroidered graphic novel, the exhibition features a range of materials and processes.

Illustrator Tim Easley impressed the judges with a painstakingly- created circuit board made of plasticine to be used on the record sleeve for the band Modified Man. Olivier Kugler’s ‘Escaping Wars and Waves - Encounters with Syrian Refugees’ humanises the stories of the refugee crisis in a detailed and respectful reportage style.

One of the quirkiest projects this year is ‘Small but Significant’ by Jingtong who created a whole universe out of collage and mixed media connected to her love of potatoes, including a potato museum and the ‘Potato Daily’ newspaper.

The Category and Overall winners will be announced at an awards ceremony held at Somerset House on 10 July, alongside the winners of three new cross-category awards, including an AOI Members Award, a Directory of Illustration Award, and the Society of Artists Agents Award for New Talent.


From 11 - 28 July 2019
Embankment East Galleries,
Somerset House
Strand, London

Free entry


Illustrators Empowerment Campaign #NotAHobby

Illustration is major contributor to the cultural economy. Brands, businesses and individuals recognise its value to sell products and ideas and engage their audience. The success of the illustration business is undeniable.But the business of illustration – day to day negotiation, business planning, cash flow, marketing – is too often overlooked by illustrators.

The AOI - Association of Illustrators - in the UK have launched an Empowerment campaign called #NotAHobby to address that. The AOI and EIF are calling all illustrators in Europe to take part.
It’s time for us illustrators to invest in our skills, our businesses and our selves.

What does the campaign want to achieve?

We want to see all illustrators confidently pricing their work and managing their businesses successfully.

We want illustrators around the world to earn a fair income.

We want to see everyone (commissioner, client and creative) understanding and respecting licensing, contracts and fair pay.

We recognise the rise in mental health in our industry, and want to address this.

All illustrators across the world are encouraged to take notice of the campaign and act on it!

Illustrators, Agents, Tutors, Commissioners!
Share the campaign image with your own words of empowerment.

Use the hashtag #NotAHobby to work together with us and get this message across to everyone and move our industry forward.

Let’s flood social platforms with informative and inspirational insights, celebrating the business of illustration!

See here for more information and resources #NotAHobby - Link: NotAHobby

The International Illustrator Seminar Finland

The International Illustrator Seminar invites all lovers of illustration to Hanaholmen on Friday 31th of May 2019.

The annual spring seminar of The Finnish Illustration Association will explore this year's adventures of illustration in the international field.

Possibilities for international collaboration will be presented by the program directors of Hanaholmen and Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

Keynote speaker is Ben Cox, the director of The Central Illustration Agency, London. The illustrator’s perspective will be presented by Daniel Stolle, Eliza Jäppinen and Katri Tikkanen.

The afternoon culminates in the presentation of four Honourable Mentions and The Illustrator of the Year 2019 Award. The prize of 10.000€ is awarded for the first time.

31st May 2019 from 12:00 to 17:30 at Hanaholmen
The Celsius Auditorium, Hanasaarenranta 5, Espoo, Finland
Illustrator's Spring Party from 17.30 to 00.00

Registration for the seminar until Friday 17 May 2019.
Register here.

Participation at the International Illustrator Seminar is free, but you are asked to register.

EIF at Bologna Book Fair 2019

EIF will be present at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair sharing a stand with AI. EIF offers talk and business advice by the representatives of the Spanish, Swedish, UK, Italian and Irish association.

Moreover every illustrator has the opportunity to ask for a portfolio review, subscribing to one of the many sessions.

Attending the Fair is an excellent opportunity for illustrators to get a sense of the children’s illustration business, not only in publishing but licensing too.

For more information see the programme here.

AI Annual Awards Call for Entry

Italian Annual Awards Competiton 2019

The Italian AI Associazione Autori di Immagini, calls all illustrators to enter the Annual Italian Illustration Awards 2019.

AI Annual is the most inclusive sourcebook of illustration,  produced in Italy and for the Italian market. If you are living in Italy or have work produced for the Italian market you may apply. All Italian professionals and students can enter work, irrespective of their place of residency.

Annual 2019 offers:

the chance to win the Toppi Award of the value of €1000 which goes to the best overall winner
2 Prizes for Excellence: the Wacom Award for overall best digital award and the Fine Arts Award signed by LYRA – official pencil for the best selected work created in traditional media.
27 Annual Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze for the 9 categories
2 x 1 publications: the Annual book and Annual Digital content presented in the APP AI BOOK
9 categories to enter your best work in: Advertising, Animation, Children’s Books Publishing, Comics, Design, Education/Scientific Illustration, Publishing, Self Promotion, Students
the possiblity to get your work in front of a jury of experts in their field of work,

The jury

Each year AI invites a panel of industry experts to make the selection for the shortlisted works to be published in the Book and select the Award winning entries. For 2019 the jury is composed of:

» President Arianna Papini, illustrators and art-therapist.
» Ada Natale – Editorial Director Barometz Edizioni
» Livio Sossi – author and professor of children’s literature at the University of Udine
» Clara Bolduri – art director Studio Bolduri – educational publishing
» Debbie Bibo – editorial consultant and illustrators/writers’ agent for children’s books
» Ratigher – caroonist and Editorial Director Coconino Press
» Vicky Gitto – president ADCI, Art Directors Clubs Italiano
» Charles Hively – founder and Design Director of 3×3 Magazine, NY
» Marco Zanoni – character e animator designer

Thanks to AI’s partnership in the EIF European Illustrators Forum all members of Associations part of the EIF network can take advantage of the special AI Member discount (€20 instead of €30 per image) to enter the Awards.

Please note that the deadline has been postponed until Monday 10 December.
So don’t hesitate and start submitting your images now – before Monday 10 December: Annual 2019 competition

Associations of Illustrators UK logo

The AOI UK to lead EIF

We are pleased to announce that the AOI, Association of Illustrators UK, has taken up the Presidency of the EIF. This is the first organisational President since our inception.

The AOI was instrumental in the establishment of the EIF and AOI project coordinator Derek Brazell has been an active board member for 13 years.

AOI CEO Ren Renwick says “We are delighted to take on the responsibility of presidents of the EIF.  It is a moment more important than ever to keep our conversations and outlook open, collaborative and positive”.

The AOI presented a ‘best case study’ at the EIF conference Sharing Possibilities, held in Oslo 2017.  These conferences are a vital moment for associations to come together across Europe and share thoughts and practise to further enrich the industry.

Ren Renwick says “We are excited to look at ways we can bring even more benefit to illustrators in these meetings and to work together across geographies for a stronger industry.”

With 18 member associations the EIF speaks on behalf of over 12,000 illustrators. It launched the Price it Right campaign at the Bologna Book fair in 2018, a pan European campaign supporting illustrators and commissioners in their work.
Our aim is to organise more campaigns and events over the years that help illustrators grow their business and improve the standards of the profession.

Price it Right Campaign

EIF are launching Price It Right, a campaign for the whole illustration industry, on 26 March 2018 at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

The launch event will take place at 5pm at the Illustrators Survival Corner. The campaign focuses on illustrators and commissioners, with the aim of valuing illustration, supporting negotiation in pricing and increasing the understanding of pricing illustration across the industry.

• Builds on the success of ‘don’t work for free’ campaigns

• Values illustration

• Supports efficient negotiation

Through the campaign we will promote the main concepts across Europe, involving all Association members and individual illustrators. We will develop new resources on our websites. We will to raise the profile of the importance of pricing and illustration.

We invite all illustrators and commissioners to price your work right, and telling everyone about the campaign.
Follow us #priceitright

7th Illustrators – only Dinner Party SELFIE ME!

7th Illustrators – only Dinner Party in Bologna

at Bologna Children’s Book Fair are pleased to invite you to the 7th Illustrators – only Dinner Party


on Tuesday 27 March 2018 from 20:00 at restaurant Golem cucina e dintorni
Piazza San Martino 3/B – 40126 Bologna Tel 051 262620


Menù 20€ (first course + second course with side dish + dessert + coffee) including water and service – drinks and wine excluded

Vegetarian menu available (please mention it when you make your reservation)

Make your reservation at as soon as possible

Bring your markers, brushes, pens for the unmissable after-dinner creative activity

Couch grass with sausage
Beef stew with potatoes
Cinnamon apple pie or English custard
Vegetarian Menù 20€ (first course + second course with side dish + dessert + coffee) including water and service

Couch grass with vegetables
Quiche with cheese and vegetables
Cinnamon apple pie or English custard
AOI’s Derek Brazell will be attending the meal

Make your reservation at before March 25th 2018, stating your first and last name and email address.

EIF congress Sharing Possibilities_Speaker Beach Gallery

Sharing Possibilities Oslo 2017

This year’s most exiting international congress for illustrators associations will be in Oslo 4th – 6th October 2017!

Last chance to sign-up and join us is Monday 18th of September 2017!

EIF are giving you an excellent chance to meet fellow associations and share your thoughts on Illustration in Europe. We are happy to cover travel expenses and hotel for one person from each European association.

The EIF will refund amounts up to €290 of your travel expenses. Included in travel expenses are your flight, as well as transport to and from the airport (both in Oslo and your departure city).

The sooner you book your ticket, the cheaper the fair is likely to be, so if you can – be an early bird! And to make the offer even better, your hotel is already paid for.

(Picture from Sharing Possibilities Oslo 2014)