VI Illustrators only dinner party
Photograph by Paolo Rui

European Illustrators Forum

The European Illustrators Forum - EIF - is a network of national associations of illustrators in European countries.

We provide a platform for contact and meetings between all European associations of professional illustrators.  We generally do this through campaigning, the organisation of conferences, exhibitions, research and education.
Moreover the EIF represents its association members’ common interests by liaising with the authorities of the European Union and other networks relevant to the profession of illustrators.

Our Mission

The EIF acts as a voice for illustration in Europe.

Our Mission is to communicate the value of illustration and image making in Europe and grow professional standards. We aim to further the exchange of knowledge and critical debate between professional illustrators and their clients.  Our focus is on protecting the rights of illustrators in Europe, improving contract standards and pricing within the industry.







EIF is a free network of European non-profit associations of illustrators that share the same goals and principles, as indicated in the Mission.

Only associations of professional illustrators can acquire membership. Member associations have full voting rights at the general meeting and can become members of the board. Individuals can support EIF financially. Members are asked to support EIF with a yearly fee. This fee is based on the size of the association.

  • Small: 1 - 500 members: 100 €
  • Medium: 501- 1000 members: 300€
  • Large: 1001+ members: 500€

Affiliated Members must be willing to support EIF with a 100€ yearly fee.

The EIF Board is elected every two years during the General Assembly.
The board is not determined by financial capability of the member organisation but voted by the membership. The Board consist of 4 to 8 members. Four is the ‘quorum’ number for the Board.
The elected members assign roles based on the candidates’ merit and availability.

These must include the following positions:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

The Board members may also assign a Vice President, who can substitute the President whenever deemed necessary by the circumstances.

The EIF Board is composed of 7 members and is currently represented by:

    • President: The AOI, UK (Ren Renwick and Derek Brazell)
    • Secretary: ILLUSTRIA, Austria (Sonja Stangl)
    • Treasurer:  SVENSKA TECKNARE, Sweden (Felicia Fortes)
    • FADIP Spain (Elisabeth Pérez Fernández )
    • AI, ASSOCIAZIONE AUTORI DI IMMAGINI, Italy (Paolo Rui and Stella Di Meo)
    • GRAFILL, Norway (Marianne Lind, Martin Hvattum)
    • ILLUSTRATOREN ORGANISATION, Germany (Anna Karina Birkenstock)

Board Members