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The EIF campaigns

The EIF regularly campaigns to support illustrators and their clients in their profession. The campaigns touch upon (re)current issues related to copyright, contracts, legislation and pricing and provide guidelines and solutions for fair agreements.

Effective professional standards

The aim is to promote professional standards and effective working relations between illustrators and clients. The campaigns are run mainly online, via social media and where possible we organise local events in the different countries EIF has a presence.

Not A Hobby

The European Illustrators Forum shares and supports the Global Business Empowerment campaign #NotAHobby launched by the AOI - UK to encourage illustrators to manage their business successfully.

The campaign is asking everyone throughout the industry – from illustrators to commissioners, to get involved.

What does the campaign want to achieve?

We want to see all illustrators confidently pricing their work and managing their businesses successfully.

We want illustrators around the world to earn a fair income.

We want to see everyone (commissioner, client and creative) understanding and respecting licensing, contracts and fair pay.

Succeding together.
Illustrators, Agents, Tutors, Commissioners!

Share the campaign image with your own words of empowerment!
In order to really move our industry forward we need to work together and get this message outside of our own ‘bubbles’ so we can truly reach everyone. Let’s flood social platforms with informative and inspirational insights, celebrating the business of illustration! Use the hashtag #NotAHobby

> Campaign image by AOI member Cathal Duane

For more information and resources #NotAHobby

AOI Campaign #notahobby

Price It Right

The European Illustrators Forum runs the awareness campaign #Priceitright to support illustrators and commissioners in confident pricing and negotiation.

The campaign is asking everyone throughout the industry – from illustrators to commissioners –  to get involved.
The campaign #priceitright:

  1. Increases understanding and confidence in pricing illustration.
    Illustration has a logical pricing structure – commissioners pay for what they want with a licence. It is a straightforward system, but one which needs to be clearly priced. If you are not sure how to approach pricing – get in touch with your local organisation or use the negotiation and pricing resources
  2. Values Illustration.
    Copyright assignments of all rights in artwork, or blanket licenses lead to illustration being devalued and the licencing model being ignored. Over time this means illustration is an unsustainable career for individuals, and the wealth of illustration talent commissioners draw on disappears.
  3. Supports business.
    Negotiation is an important part of business. With informed pricing negotiations are clearer and more solid, leaving more time for the creative process.

PriceItright is an European campaign by EIF and AOI UK. Start sharing and tell you stories #priceitright

  • Price your work right! Illustrators who are unsure of pricing can get in touch with their national membership association, for advice and guidance.
  • Tell everyone about it! Illustrators and Commissioners can download the Price it Right logo from the AOI website to display, advertising that they welcome transparent, fair pricing in all work.
  • Follow the campaign! Share experiences of Pricing it Right at #priceitright and be part of the fair pay movement.

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