Pay the Creator

Pay the Creator is a Creators’ Rights Alliance (CRA) campaign in the UK highlighting the disparity between creators and other sector workers in the areas of pay, business support and policy making.

Speaking on behalf of 350,000 creative professionals, the Creators’ Rights Alliance (CRA), its members (whcih include EIF member, AOI) and partner organisations are calling for creators to be paid professionally and promptly and to be given the same considerations enjoyed by other sectors of industry.

Pay the Creator brings together CRA member campaigns and the work they do, tirelessly championing creator working rights.

Too often creators are offered payment in kind, through exposure, or opportunity, rather than financial payment for their work and rights.  They are also ignored when policies are being developed and support is being given.

Creators’ work is the foundation of the largest sector within the UK economy. Yet their needs are repeatedly ignored when policy, economic and support decisions are being made.

We must bring to an end a practice that discriminates, stifles access and limits those who are able to work in our industry.

CRA member organisations already constantly campaign on these issues. Through Pay the Creator we are bringing together all our member organisations’ campaigns under one simple banner, to spread our collective message even wider.

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