Calle Mayor, 4, planta 4ª, oficina 6, 28013 MADRID

  • Area of competence: All areas of illustration, Animation and Game Design
  • Year of foundation: 1979
  • Total members: 1200

FADIP is the entity that brings together associations of professional illustrators in Spain. At present, associations of illustrators from Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid, País Vasco and Valencia belong to FADIP.

FADIP can be extended with the professional associations of illustrators who request it, and who meet the necessary requirements.

FADIP caters for all authors and creators of images that carry out their professional activity in the areas of books, textbooks, comics, advertising, packaging, press, greeting, animation, multimedia editing, online publishing, infographics, posters, printing , caricature, didactic games, muralists, storyboard, layouts, technical-scientific drawing, etc.

FADIP works for the defense and correct application of copyright and opposes any violation of these rights. Also work for the promotion, training and promotion of the consciousness of belonging to the collective. It also represents all the professionals of the illustration of Spain in negotiations with other professional groups or public and private entities.

If the vast majority of illustrators join together to achieve the same objectives, we will cover a broader area of ​​action, we will get the guarantees of a market that offers more favorable conditions and everyone (editors, clients and authors) can be properly informed.