AI initiatives and news in the creative community

Here are some news and activities on the topic of artificial intelligence in our community:

AI and the Illustration Industry Webinar


The European Guild for Artificial Intelligence Regulation (EGAIR) represents artists, creatives, associations, unions, publishers and brands from all over Europe (and the world) united in demanding a EU-level regulation on AI companies.
It’s a platform to coordinate lobbying activities on a European level and a landmark for whoever is seeking resources or information on the cause, wants to support it or wants to take a more active role.

On February 14 2023, EGAIR launched an initiative to safeguard against the exploitation of creative work and data. They have a 5 point manifesto to sign and a fundraising to cover legal representation.

Derek Brazell of AOI (President of Eif), did an interview on the topic:
Association of Illustrators: Issues around AI Have Alarmed Creatives Everywhere

Our member Grafill has an interesting lecture on the topic:
The Basics of Artificial Intelligence for Creatives

Joint statement from authors’ and performers’ organisations on Artificial Intelligence and the AI Act:
True culture needs originals: Transparency and consent are key to the ethical use of AI:

Getty Images taking legal action (in London) against Stability AI (DreamStudio):

Getty Images have also filed a copyright case against Stability AI in the US stating their website featuring 12m images was scraped:

Three illustrators in US class action against Stability AI, Midjourney och DeviantArt (DreamUp) for copyright infringement, violations of the right of publicity and unlawful competition:

Wide protest against AI-artwork:

Our community reacts on Lensa AI:


Here is an article explaning how the Ai- tecknology actually works:

AI can now create images out of thin air. See how it works.