AI initiatives and news in the creative community

Artificial Intelligence editorial illustration
Illustration by Falko Grentrup

Here are some news and activities on the topic of artificial intelligence in our community:

The European Guild for Artificial Intelligence Regulation (EGAIR) represents artists, creatives, associations, unions, publishers and brands from all over Europe (and the world) united in demanding a EU-level regulation on AI companies.
It’s a platform to coordinate lobbying activities on a European level and a landmark for whoever is seeking resources or information on the cause, wants to support it or wants to take a more active role.

On February 14 2023, EGAIR launched an initiative to safeguard against the exploitation of creative work and data. They have a 5 point manifesto to sign and a fundraising to cover legal representation.

Derek Brazell of AOI (President of Eif), did an interview on the topic:
Association of Illustrators: Issues around AI Have Alarmed Creatives Everywhere

Our member Grafill has an interesting lecture on the topic:
The Basics of Artificial Intelligence for Creatives

Joint statement from authors’ and performers’ organisations on Artificial Intelligence and the AI Act:
True culture needs originals: Transparency and consent are key to the ethical use of AI:

Getty Images taking legal action (in London) against Stability AI (DreamStudio):

Getty Images have also filed a copyright case against Stability AI in the US stating their website featuring 12m images was scraped:

Three illustrators in US class action against Stability AI, Midjourney och DeviantArt (DreamUp) for copyright infringement, violations of the right of publicity and unlawful competition:

Wide protest against AI-artwork:

Our community reacts on Lensa AI:


Here is an article explaning how the Ai- tecknology actually works:

AI can now create images out of thin air. See how it works.