New White Book of Illustration in Spain

This New White Book of Illustration in Spain (Nuevo libro blanco de la Ilustración Gráfica en España) is intended to be a concise guide for those who practice the profession of illustrator. It presents, in a simple way, the most relevant aspects of the exercise of the profession: for example, how to defend the copyright of works, how to interact with the client and with the Administration, or how to know the operation of the different markets related to illustration.

The New White Book seeks to be useful both for those people who are starting in the profession and for the most veteran illustrators and illustrators.

Its wording is endorsed by the Spanish Commission of Professionals of the Observatory. The Commission is made up of relevant professionals from different fields – illustration, artistic direction, publishing, legal – with an important professional and personal career: Horacio Altuna, Pablo Amargo, Elisa Arguilé, Arnal Ballester, Ulises Culebro, Ricardo Esteban, Manuel Estrada, Isidro Ferrer, Forges, Miguel Gallardo, Pablo Martínez, Max, Albert Monteys, Elena Odriozola, Javier Olivares, Carlos Ortín, Miguelanxo Prado, Mariona Sardà, Rosa Serrano and Javier Zabala.

The New White Book of Illustration in Spain is in Spanish. Download NuevoLibroBlancoIlustracion_web