The AOI UK to lead EIF

We are pleased to announce that the AOI, Association of Illustrators UK, has taken up the Presidency of the EIF. This is the first organisational President since our inception.

The AOI was instrumental in the establishment of the EIF and AOI project coordinator Derek Brazell has been an active board member for 13 years.

AOI CEO Ren Renwick says “We are delighted to take on the responsibility of presidents of the EIF.  It is a moment more important than ever to keep our conversations and outlook open, collaborative and positive”.

The AOI presented a ‘best case study’ at the EIF conference Sharing Possibilities, held in Oslo 2017.  These conferences are a vital moment for associations to come together across Europe and share thoughts and practise to further enrich the industry.

Ren Renwick says “We are excited to look at ways we can bring even more benefit to illustrators in these meetings and to work together across geographies for a stronger industry.”

With 18 member associations the EIF speaks on behalf of over 12,000 illustrators. It launched the Price it Right campaign at the Bologna Book fair in 2018, a pan European campaign supporting illustrators and commissioners in their work.
Our aim is to organise more campaigns and events over the years that help illustrators grow their business and improve the standards of the profession.