Illustrators Empowerment Campaign #NotAHobby

Illustration by Cathal Duane

Illustration is major contributor to the cultural economy. Brands, businesses and individuals recognise its value to sell products and ideas and engage their audience. The success of the illustration business is undeniable.But the business of illustration – day to day negotiation, business planning, cash flow, marketing – is too often overlooked by illustrators.

The AOI – Association of Illustrators – in the UK have launched an Empowerment campaign called #NotAHobby to address that. The AOI and EIF are calling all illustrators in Europe to take part.
It’s time for us illustrators to invest in our skills, our businesses and our selves.

What does the campaign want to achieve?

We want to see all illustrators confidently pricing their work and managing their businesses successfully.

We want illustrators around the world to earn a fair income.

We want to see everyone (commissioner, client and creative) understanding and respecting licensing, contracts and fair pay.

We recognise the rise in mental health in our industry, and want to address this.

All illustrators across the world are encouraged to take notice of the campaign and act on it!

Illustrators, Agents, Tutors, Commissioners!
Share the campaign image with your own words of empowerment.

Use the hashtag #NotAHobby to work together with us and get this message across to everyone and move our industry forward.

Let’s flood social platforms with informative and inspirational insights, celebrating the business of illustration!

See here for more information and resources #NotAHobby – Link: NotAHobby