Calle de Hortaleza, 20, 28004 MADRID

  • Area of competence: APIM groups the professional illustrators in all areas of graphic creation (comic, press, advertising, books, multimedia etc.)
  • Year of foundation: 1985
  • Number of members: 186

APIM offers access to legal services and lawyers that help members with consultations about rights managements, taxes, contracts and other legal issues. The association takes action when contests have abusive or illegal clauses and our lawyers create write ups to bring attention to these unfair practices.

Apim also organizes illustration events several times a year, with speakers, workshops, portfolio reviews and more. The most important one, the Encounters with illustrators (Encuentros con ilustradores profesionales), takes place in January, it’s a weekend-long event that has been celebrated since 2003.

Members can publish their portfolio in the gallery of illustrators on the Apim website, which has more than 3000 visits each month. Monthly newsletters are sent with a great deal of information about the illustration scene in Madrid, contests, events and member news.

Regularly, Apim organizes talks about illustration in partnership with collaborating institutions and organizations.

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