Atxuri 16-bajo 48006. BILBAO

  • Area of competence: All areas of illustration
  • Year of foundation: 2003
  • Number of members: 102

The Professional Association of Illustrators of Euskadi is the collective that groups since 2003 all those illustrators interested in the common defense of their professional rights.

The purpose of the association is:

· The representation, management, promotion and defense of the common interests of its members.

· The recognition and defense of the rights that correspond to the authors, and guarantee compliance.

· Contribute to a better social recognition of the profession.

· Improve working conditions and hiring.

· Facilitate contact, mutual knowledge and collaboration among its members.

· Work for the growth and projection of the profession, and contribute to the formation of its associates with connections and interactions with other associations, agencies or official bodies, both national and international