Balmes, 177, 1er. 2ª 08006 BARCELONA

  • Area of competence: All areas of illustration, Animation and Game Design
  • Year of foundation: 1979
  • Total members: 

The Professional Association of Illustrators of Catalonia (APIC) is the group that brings together all those illustrators interested in the common defense of professional rights.

APIC was founded in 1981. It currently brings together more than 500 illustrators, from all branches of applied visual arts and is open to all professionals that carry out their activity in this field.

All image makers that are professionally engaged in the field of illustration can be part of APIC, in any of their areas: book, textbook, comic, advertising, packaging (packing), press, greeting cards, animation, multimedia edition, online edition (online), computer graphics, posters, prints, cartoons, educational games, muralism, illustrated script (storyboard), sketch and scientific illustration.