World Illustration Awards Showcase

The UK’s Association of Illustrators, in partnership with the Directory of Illustration, have launched their first ever online World Illustration Awards Showcase. Hosted on The AOI website, the Showcase offers a range of ways to look at the 200 shortlisted projects. Exploring trends, processes, media, and styles there is something for everyone, from the illustrator looking for inspiration, to the commissioner searching for talent.

“This curated view from our AOI Awards Team and invited industry specialists offers a rich and exciting way to explore the diversity and creativity found in the shortlist. We welcome the world to be inspired by illustration as never before!” says Ren Renwick, CEO of the Association of Illustrators

In December 2019, The AOI opened the call to illustrators to Be Ambitious, Be Seen, Be Celebrated. An incredible 4,300+ entries from all over the globe were submitted. The 200 shortlisted projects represent illustrators from over 30 countries across the world from India to Ukraine, to Chile, offering styles and ideas from a global perspective.

The Showcase features curated content created to explore the major trends and themes of illustration today. One highlight is the use of personal stories as inspiration, another is seeing how illustrators work to briefs from major global brands such as Netflix and Facebook. There are plenty of ways to explore the shortlist to find what you are looking for and enjoy some surprises along the way.