Images for Climate! Visions for a possible world

On November 29 this year, in many cities around the world the ‘Global Climate March’ will take place, an action to put pressure on all the leaders whom, the next day, will meet in Paris to draft the most important treaty on climate in history.

We illustrators, in our small way regularly use our creativity to give colour to the world; this time let’s get together to try and change it.

Illustrations for Climate

The idea of AI Associazione Autori di Immagini Italy is to collect many images on the subject of climate.

We will publish them all in an album on AI’s Facebook page, and one a day, starting on Monday 16 November, will be selected to become the Facebook page banner.

At the same time we’ll diffusely promote this initiative among the Italian media and try to involve other organizations in Italy and elsewhere.

Images can be sent until November 29, but it’s possible that this deadline might be extended.

the Topic

Climate change, the environment, global warming, rising sea levels, renewable energy, pollution, sustainable mobility, animal rights, deforestation and so on, are all faces of the problem. There’s broad freedom of interpretation of the topic.

One can participate with multiple entries including previously made images or image details.

The only requirements are to participate with images cut exactly in the required format and with the slogan “IMAGES for CLIMATE!”.


1 – Rights: AI, the Italian Association ‘Autori di Immagini’ requires only the right to reproduce the images within his Facebook page and for any promotions for the initiative. Any other use, commercial or otherwise is excluded. In case this initiative would continue in yet unforeseen ways, all participants will be contacted.

2 – Credits: All images will be published with the Illustrator’s name on the images and in their descriptions.

3 – The images do not have to be created on purpose. For previously made images, in order to participate in this initiative, the illustrators guarantee being able to dispose freely of their images without prejudicing the rights of others.

4 – Withdrawal: any author can withdraw from the initiative at any time just by a simple request of cancellation of one or more of his/her pictures from the Facebook album they were published in.

5 – Images submission: Images must be sent in the below format to

Technical requirements

Images must be sent in the 1600×600pixel (width by height) size, RGB, JPG or PNG with a 72dpi definition.

Images must somehow be related to the topic and quote the slogan “Images for climate!”

The images must be named: namesurname-title .jpg (or .png)

The images must be signed non-invasively (see example) with © Name and surname

This is a small initiative that, if successful, in the future might become a slideshow or just a document, a testimony of those who today, with their sensitivity, wish to express their idea of a change for the good of the planet, its present inhabitants, be them human, animal or plant and of those who will follow us.

Acceptance of Terms

By sending your images you abide with and accept the above mentioned terms in full.

Credits (to be sent with the pictures)

Author’s name and surname:

Title and Description image 1:

Title and Description image 2:

Title and description picture 3:

Website, blog or Facebook page*

* To be included in the description of the image

Image of the 2015 call