Peter was born in Denmark in 1974, and started drawing right from the get go. Mostly with crayons and a little saliva. Leaving no space blank. In fact, if this was not online, he probably would have drawn in the margins of the page.  His obsession with filling in every blank with drawings caused quite a few problems during his high school years. It was not until he discovered the Kubert School in Dover,USA that he truly felt at home. With the help of grants from the danish prince Joachim and the danish Ministry of Culture, he immersed himself into the art of cartooning. After a year, when the finances ran out, he returned to Denmark and continued his graphic education at Designskolen Kolding. After completing the first 3 years of the education he dropped out and started working full time as an illustrator and never looked back.

His illustration clients include:  The New York Times, Businessweek, The Progressive, Special-Pædagogisk Forlag, Forlaget Alinea, Ud&Se, Danish National Television, Seattle Metropolitan, Klassisk, Politikens Forlag and many more.
From 2004-2010 Peter worked as an editorial illustrator for Kristeligt Dagblad, still doing freelance work on the side. Recently he has started doing a lot of book covers, he illustrated his first children’s book, and an illustrated book about the biblical tale of Moses and the ten commandments has just been published. This might indicate a new direction in Peters work.
He lives in Denmark with his wife and their son. He is also passionate runner and enjoy going for a long run as often as his schedule permits.
Peter is a member of Tegnerne.

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