Area of competence: illustration, infographics, animation, gaming, graphic design, interior design, environmental design.

 Year of foundation: 1996

 Number of members: 2800 individuals, 180 agencies and design departments


  • Vormberichten (magazine, 8 times per year)

Chairman: Timo de Rijk

Board members: Timo de Rijk, Pieter de Vos (treasurer), Anne Miltenburg and Jeroen van Erp (Fabrique). Lautrens van Wieringen, Karin Schwandt and Peggy van Sebillen.

Manager: Rob Huisman


Services: Advancing the quality of the design profession and to promote the economic, commercial, social and cultural interests of its member designers, agencies and design students.

Head office address

Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers BNO,
Danzigerkade 8a, 1013 AP Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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