Area of competence: The association organises professional illustrators and graphic designers in Sweden. 

 Year of foundation: 1955

 Number of members: 1500


  • Annuals
  • Magazine “Tecknaren” (6 times a year)
  • Books and guides on copyrights and other materials needed for special campaigns or projects

Chairman/president: Karin Ahlin

Board members: Karin Ahlin (president), Tyra von Zweigbergk (vice president), Arina Stoenesco, Hanna Nilsson, Karin Persson, Gunna Grähs, Lars Fuhre, Björn Atldax, Frida Hammar.

Managing Director: Jenny Lindahl Persson

Services: Legal and professional advice, campaigning on issues within the cultural and business politics, arranging educations and talks, building collaborations between other organisations, working actively to improve working situation for freelance visual communicators.

Competitions: Arranging every second year a competition of large scale named “Kolla!”. In relation to that there are seminars with Swedish and international speakers. Website: www.kolla.se

Head office address

Föreningen Svenska Tecknare, The Association of Swedish Illustrators and Graphic Designers
, Hornsgatan 103, plan 9, 117 28 Stockholm

Other Websites: www.svenskatecknare.wordpress.com

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