The European Illustrators Forum is a voice for illustration in Europe. It provides a platform for meetings and contacts between all European professional associations of illustrators and image makers. It communicates the values of illustration and image making and furthers exchange of knowledge and critical debate between professional illustrators and their clients across Europe through conferences, exhibitions, research and education. The European Illustrators Forum represents its members’ common interests by liaising with the authorities of the European Union and other networks relevant to the profession of illustrator.



EIF is a free network of European non-profit associations of illustrators who share its goals and principles as indicated in the Mission Statement. It consists of ordinary and supporting members:

a) ordinary member   b) supportive member   c) associated members / friends

Only associations of professional illustrators can acquire ordinary membership. Ordinary members have full voting rights at the general meeting and can become members of the board. Supportive members have full voting rights but cannot become members of the board. Associated members/friends do not have any voting rights, but can take part and participate in all activities/ events arranged by EIF, unless stated otherwise. Individuals can support EIF financially.

Ordinary Members must be willing to support EIF with a yearly fee of 500€. Supportive Members must be willing to support it with a 100€ yearly fee.


The Board is elected every two years during the General Assembly. Elected members (5 to 9) assign roles based on the candidates’ merit and availability. These must include the following positions:

a) President    b) Treasurer    c) Secretary

It can also include a Vice President who can substitute the President whenever deemed necessary by the circumstances (absence or other reasons).

The present Board has been elected in October 2017 and includes the following persons:

President – Gert Gerrits

Vice President – unfilled

Secretary – Brian Main

Treasurer – Felicia Fortes

Ren Renwick

Anna Karrine

Catherine Finstead


President: Cathrine Louise Finstads – GRAFILL, Norway

Vicepresident: Paolo Rui – AI, Italy

Treasurer: Lars Fuhre – SVESNKA TECHNARE, Sweden.

Secretary: Brian Main – ILLUSTRIA, Austria

Member: Helena Ecija – APIM/FADIP, Spain

Member: Gert Gerrits – BNO, Netherlands

Member: Derek Brazell – AOI, UK

Member: Christer Nuutinen – KUVITTAJAT, Finland

MemberLisa Frühbeis – IO, Germany

EIF BOARD 2015 – 2017

2unnamedEIF Board / General Assembly / Bookfair Frankfurt / Germany 2015 Back from the left: Gert Gerrits BNO / Netherlands  Brian Main ILLUSTRIA / Austria Paolo Rui ASSOCIAZIONE ILLUSTRATORI / Italy Lars Fuhre SVENSKA TECHNARE / Sweden  On the couch from the left: Lisa Frühbeis LLUSTRATOREN ORGANISATION / Germany (Deputy Anke Bär IO) Cathrine Louise Finstads GRAFILL / Norway  Laura Valojärvi representing Christer Nuutinen KUVITTAJAT / Finnland   Helena Ecija APIM/FADIP / Spain  Not on the picture: Derek Brazell ASSOCIATION OF ILLUSTRATORS / UK

EIF BOARD 2013 – 2015

2013_EIF_Frankfur_new_board_2EIF Board / General Assembly / Bookfair Frankfurt / Germany 2013 Peter Diamond, Secretary  ILLUSTRIA / Austria    Eili-Kaija Kuusniemi KUVITTAJAT / Finnland     Anja Nolte, Board Member ILLUSTRATOREN ORGANISATION / Germany  Cathrine Louise Finstads, President GRAFILL / Norway     Gert Gerrits, Board Member  BNO / Netherlands   Tyra von Zweigbergk, Treasurer  SVENSKA TECHNARE / Sweden  Paolo Rui, Vice President   ASSOCIAZIONE ILLUSTRATORI / Italy   (not on the picture:) Derek Brazell, Board Member ASSOCIATION OF ILLUSTRATORS / UK (© Photo Olaf Preiss, IO)

EIF BOARD 2011 – 2013

eif_about_team_harlemEIF board-meeting in Haarlem, Amsterdam 2012 The Board 2011- 2013 included the following persons: President: Paolo Rui – AI, Italy Vicepresident: Sally Cutting – APIM/FADIP, Spain Treasurer: Rita Kohel – IO, Germany Secretary: Derek Brazell – AOI, UK Member: Gert Gerrits – BNO, Netherlands Member: Anders Suneson – Svenska Tecknare, Sweden.

EIF_about_bologna_2012EIF Meeting – Bologna – Childrens bookfair 2012 – Italy