During October, the results of the two National Culture Awards related to illustration were released. Instituted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture (among the other national awards devoted to cultural disciplines such as literature, cinema or music), the Award for Illustration and the Award for Comics feature the participation of the Spanish professional associations of illustrators  in their juries.

Thus, the National Culture Award for Illustration, which honours a career, was awarded to Carme Solé Vendrell (Barcelona, 1944). She has published more than 700 titles in several countries, and she has also worked in the areas of poster design, set design and animation. The jury — composed, among others, by members appointed by the five professional associations and their federation (FADIP) — highlighted the fact of the award-winning being “a guiding-light artist in the world of illustration for children’s and other genres books.”

On the other hand, the National Culture Award for Comics annually goes to the most outstanding work published the previous year. In this case, it has been the book Ardalén, by Miguelanxo Prado (A Coruña, 1956). Prado is an author of comics, besides being a producer and director of animated films and series; he also directs the comics festival Viñetas desde o Atlántico. [U8] The jury, in which one of the members was appointed by FADIP, emphasized “the poetic nature of this work, which mixes reality with dreams, memory and oblivion, as well as its technical expertise in the use of colour.”