Ilustrafic biennial Illustration congress, Spain

Ilustrafic is a biennial congress organised by APIV, the Association of Illustrators of Valencia. Ilustrafic’s goal is to generate a space for reflection on visual culture and image in their different applications, stressing the proximity between diverse art disciplines and their relations.

To this effect, we analyse graphic image from different areas which are beyond illustration itself, such as design, photography or painting, dealing with the dialectic and informative skills of those disciplines, their connections, their renewals, etc. In the present edition we set out four main themes:

Work in progress. Work in progress refers to the materials or partially finished products that are in diverse stages of production and trigger or lead to creative works.

New memory. Current culture manifests a dissolution of the bonds between disciplines which use visual expression and the analysis of illustration should necessarily open new points of view that extend the classical notion of skill and style.

Thinking about. A process of analisys is one in which a deep knowledge can be achieved from the information about that particular issue and then get any conclusions arisen from it.

Moving illustration. Nowadays, the communication of information through the combination of graphic tools such as text and moving image, and the use of new devices like tablets and smartphones has opened up new territories for graphic creation.